Grain: We source our base malts from American 2-Row farms in New York State and Wisconsin. As New York's support for farm breweries grows, we'll source more of our supply from New York farms.

Hops: We use only local New York hops in all our beer. For bittering, we source Fuggel hops from Bluebell Hopyard in Farmington, NY. Our aroma and dry hops are locally grown - and by that, we mean that they're grown in our garden. We harvest several varieties on-site, including Cascade, Newport, and Perle.

Honey: Our wildflower honey is collected from happy bees pollinating the New York State agriculture in Black Dirt Country just across the Hudson in Orange County, NY.

Yeast: Our unique yeast strain started with a Belgian culture harvested in Brussels, Belgium. From there, we introduced selected East-Cost American cultures and then exposed it to Hudson Valley air. The end result produces flavors that are unique to our beer and specifically Tarrytown. Of all our ingredients, we are most proud of our unique yeast strain and the flavor it imparts to our unfiltered beers.
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